By Jessica Reede

Sacramento MASTERS employee

The Masters program is more than your average after school program. MASTERS (Making After School Time Enriching, Rewarding, and Successful) was named by the students of Hagginwood Elementary and has served over 1,300 elementary and middle school youth at fourteen school sites on a daily basis. This program is currently involved in several schools in both North and South Sacramento.

Masters plays a key role in engaging youth in the learning process by providing opportunities to explore interests, gain competency in real work skills, solve problems, assume leadership roles, participate in athletic activities, promote healthy living styles and become involved in improving their communities. Masters provides a safe environment for students to engage in educational, recreational, therapeutic, cultural, and social activities during the after school hours. We follow a curriculum that is written to keep our students engaged. We allow our students to express their talents such as art, music, science, and athletics. With this program, students receive a meal everyday and a sense of security. Afterschool programs are a key component in ensuring the success of our youth.

“My favorite part of the day is after school when its time to come to MASTERS and see all of my friends ,” states Derrick, an elementary student in my class. He continues with, “We get to work on our homework together and once we finish we get to have fun. My favorite activity day is kickball.”

I enjoy coming to work everyday and observing my students progress. I have the honor of teaching almost thirty, bright fourth and fifth grade students and each day is a new experience. The schedule throughout the week is prep, supper, homework and then activity time. Every day the employees come to school before the children are out of class to meet and prepare for the afternoon. During prep the teachers and assistant decide on the activity for the day and set everything up so the activity is ready after the kids eat their supper. The children are all provided with a nutritious meal since they will be there for the evening, and then separate into groups for homework once they are all done eating.

Homework time is when the students can work on any assignments they may have for class and we can provide them with any assistance, extra practice or to answer any questions they may have. After homework the children get to all participate in a hands-on activity; whether it be arts and crafts, science projects, dodgeball or any other type of activity that allows the students some freedom and fun. The Masters program wants to encourage young students to be creative and feel good about what they are doing and can do in their futures.

If  you are a parent interesting in enrolling your child in this program or someone who would like to know more information you can visit the Masters Program’s homepage at