Ryan Blake passing out food

By Miguel Agguire

The feeling one gets after seeing another person smile by a kind act they’ve done can make ones day.

The time of the year when giving back to the community is needed the most  is near. With the season of giving approaching, I decided to ask others how they gave back.

“I give back to the community quite often,” says Heritage Peak student Ryan Blake. “I go with a group of friends that sets up a station where we make food and hand it out. Those who show up are the less fortunate. The feeling you will feel when they show up. The people who had received the food would just continuously smile, and often time cry.  Knowing that your small kind of act made a difference in someone day, makes your day.”

Do you do anything to give back to the community?

“I do give back to the community,” says Luther Burbank High School student Valerie Nguyen. “My family and I would go to parks and pick up trash as a group. After we clean, I walk around the park and see families enjoying the park. You know you made a difference, the difference you made were providing other families a clean park. You made the park welcoming, you welcomed them.”

Have you ever made somebody’s day by the act of giving?

“To be frank, I have,” said a local of Tahoe Park Neighborhood who wished to remain anonymous. “I live next to the park and there are usually people with no homes there. I would encounter them sleeping on the bench, and its winter.  The people sleeping there must be cold, I know they’re cold. I have the urge to help them and I do. If they’re shivering I provide them a blanket. If they’re barefooted I provide shoes. There is just the feeling you get when you see other people smile by the kind act you done just makes your day.”

Now, I’m asking you, the reader, what are some of the ways that you are giving back to the community? I would like to know, and to use your examples in a follow-up piece to this article. Feel free to leave a comment in the field below this story.