Every month the Accesslocal.tv Neighborhood News Correspondents work with young people in Sacramento to help them produce digital content and share stories from their communities. Those “Peer-Produced” pieces are published on our site, and at the end of each month all the submissions are judged and prizes are awarded to the authors. The following are the selections for the months of October and November:

1St Place 

My reason, my inspiration 

By Jeff Vue

2nd Place 

Art inside me

By Sabrina Feusi

Motherhood so soon 

By Richelle Hadley

Balance is the key to being stress free

By Sharafenna Williams

3rd Place

When one door closes, another opens

By See Vang

The “New” Hiram Johnson High School

By Catherine Chenault

A student’s take on school lunches

By Cindy Huang

Reasons for a living wage in Sacramento

By Zachary Phillips

Luther Burbank’s trash problem

By Branee Taylor

Honorable Mention 

Are you willing to save a life or three?

By Felecia Vasquez

Transformation from scared to becoming confident

By Jesse Rasynouvong

How do you give back?

By Miguel Agguire

Some after school fun, the MASTERS program

By Jessica Reede

Commuting as a student 

By Ryan Riboli

A step in the right direction; The “Walk with a Doc” program

By Justine Beyer

Growing up in the Western and Hmong culture: Identity

By Steve Vue

Co-op Work Experience Education and Internship Program

By Ka Ying Neng Moua

Math Engineering Science Achievement

By Chris Yee

Giving back; once a visitor to a haunted house, now a volunteer at it

By Ojau Adhikari

UC Davis’ Educational Talent Search introduced to Foothill

By Aileen Chhen

Music and me

By Justin Chambers

Local martial artist awarded 8th degree black belt

By Taylor Marshall

My summer at City Hall

By Hannah Aboushi

Fashion for a cause

By Gina Sanchez

The award for 1st place is a $200 gift card. 2nd Place winners will each receive a $50 gift card. 3rd place winners are eligible for a $25 gift card. Honorable mentions will receive $10.

If you’re a young person between the ages of 15-21 living in Sacramento who is interested in participating in the September Neighborhood News Correspondent’s “Peer-Produced Contest”, send an email to connector@accesslocal.tv with information about your content topic. Submissions can be in the form of written content (blogs, reporting) or videos. Submissions should focus of community related news and/or experiences.

Congratulations to all of the winners!