By Jesse Rasynouvong

Jesse in the left with his glasses wearing their school ASB shirt

“It’s your turn Jesse,” I recall the teacher calling my name. Oh, how I dreaded going up to present to the class.

Nearly everyone was once nervous with his or her public speaking skills.

I remember my freshmen year; I would sit in the back of the classroom in all my classes. Whenever the teachers would ask for a volunteer to present first I would always put my head down. I had no self-confidence, and I feared going up.

However, now as a senior I love public speaking.  Public speaking has transformed me from a scared freshman to become a man with confidence. I believe public speaking builds upon my confidence levels

In order to obtain the perfect presentation, or speech, I had to change myself just as if I were acting which itself takes a lot of confidence. In my sophomore year, during finals, I had to change myself in order receive a good grade for a presentation.  I had to get a certain grade, or else I would have summer school. I took a deep breath and went up to the front of the class, thinking to myself, “I have to change myself to become a person with confidence from a person who is antisocial.”

When I received my grade, I couldn’t believe the score I earned, I did amazing.  After all the emotions that arose from my experience, I’ve decided to take speech and debate to harness the public speaking skills within me.

Public speaking eventually adapted my confidence level and the way I would socialize with others. After that one public speaking experience, I’ve changed the view I have of myself.  I now believe in order for me to be successful, my public speaking has to be evengreater.

Public speaking has become my passion; there are so many steps to creating the perfect speech. The tone you have, your gestures, and the emotions you express.  The perfect speech can even motivate, inspire, and educate others.

Now, I can’t get enough of the spotlight. Public speaking is my new and best tool for success.