According to, a grant is a sum of money given by an organization, especially a government, for a particular purpose.

Currently, I am the Lead Corrdinator for Hiram Johnson High School’s Urban Garden Project, or HJ’s H.U.G. project for short. Our goal is to construct and maintain a community garden on campus.

To accomplish such a project, our group I will need funds between $10,000 to $30,000. This is where grants will be needed to save the day.

When I asked students all around my campus if they knew what grants are, the response they all gave me was the same; “No.”

“Writing a grant proposal, it all starts with my organization’s funding priorities,” says Will Struce of Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center. “My organization should identify, on an annual basis, what our funding needs are for the near future. After identifying the organization’s funding priorities, we prepare a draft grant proposal. Before we go much further, we put together a draft grant proposal for one of the projects or programs that we’ve identified as a candidate for funding. ”

“However, we must locate potential funders for the grant proposal; Struce explains “With a draft grant proposal in hand, we look for appropriate funders. After contacting and cultivating potential funders our grant proposal, we look for potential funders.  Then we wait to see, if the proposal is accepted or rejected. If it is accepted follow up, and if it is rejected respond back”.

I plan to write a grant proposal for a school garden grant. However,  the grant requires its applicants to write an essay. The proposal will consist of the financial needs and the blue print. The proposal will include information about the benefits of this garden to the community.