By Chris Yee

MESA stands for Math Engineering Science Achievement, but as a group it focuses on much more than that. It encourages students to take an active role in school by advocating learning, which is essential because learning and getting good grades builds a strong foundation that sets up your future.

MESA also has a wide variety of individual and group projects that participate in competitions, such as Pre-MESA day and MESA day. Students travel to competitions based on the subject they’re doing and what mechanism they create. MESA also takes an active role in our school, informing members of certain test dates, such as the SAT or ACT, and provides information on scholarship or volunteering opportunities, making a student’s reputation in high school more well rounded.

MESA is an important part of our school because the students who join learn more about what they naturally like to do and enjoy, strengthening their education while becoming more involved in the community. If you talk to a MESA member at my school, I guarantee they’ll have nothing but positive words to say about the club because every member has found enjoyment and satisfaction in being a part of such a creative and fun loving organization.

“MESA taught me to love learning new things and challenged me to push myself in the fields of math and science,” says Allision Pineda, former MESA member and Natomas High School graduate. “Before MESA, I was not interested in math or science. I was determined to be a writer. After doing science competitions with the MESA program, I found that science and math could be just as rewarding as writing. Now, I am a Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major that has a passion for writing.”

“Having interdisciplinary interests and skills are important for youth, because it helps them to be well rounded,” Pineda says. “If the youth of today are well rounded, then they will be better prepared for obstacles that may come in their way in the future.”

Since my sophomore year, my experience with MESA has been one filled with fun, excitement, and promise, because of all the extra curricular and game-style activities it offers for students. Other MESA members agree, as they have been introduced to challenging yet entertaining projects. MESA also offers volunteer work for any students wishing to help out in their community, and provide them with new experiences that open their minds to things they might want to do in the future. Every MESA student, and even teachers, recommends that any student join the club because it’s not only beneficial to helping your future, it makes you want to be more academically active.