The Mexican American Alcoholism Program), or MAAP Inc, is a large, multi-ethnic, non-profit organization that specializes in addiction and alcoholism programs. MAAP is located in South Sacramento on Florin Road and offers several different programs to people in need such as outpatient treatment, mental health counseling, residential treatment, drug diversion and DUI programs in English and Spanish. MAAP provides services to over 12,000 individuals per year, including adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors.

The three goals of MAAP are to enhance their services to help clients fulfill their goals of education, recovery, and sobriety. They invest in a strong organizational culture that develops employees as leaders, challenges and empower them in their jobs, and helps them achieve their fullest potential. They are building an operational infrastructure in order to continuously provide excellent and cost effective services to their customers. With these three goals in mind MAAP is an organization that believes everyone can heal and return back to healthy and normal.

A large part of MAAP is their drinking and driving program, which assist clients by providing group process and education sessions needed to reinstate their driver’s license after a DUI conviction. There are several different DUI programs so that the cases can be broken up more specifically. MAAP offers a wet/reckless or youthful offender class, a 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 month program, a first offender class and a multiple offender class. These programs will include topics such as current DUI experiences, DUI statistics/laws, the stages of addiction, coping/defensive mechanisms, denial, family systems and relationships/friendships.

“Our goal is to help community heal. We deal with not just drug addicted problems but behavioral problems as well, because we want  all of our clients to be healthy and able to go back to functioning and helping in the community,” says Bo Story, Program Director at MAAP. “We also want them to be helping within their family. We will work with families to help them come to terms with their situations and help them get what they they need to become stronger.”

“We are associated with many services so our clients can get back into community to get jobs, work, go to school and whatever else it takes to get the patient back into the community so they can begin the process of healing,” says Story.

If you know someone who may need assistance or for more information you can visit the MAAP homepage at or call (916) 394-3489.