On Saturday December 1st the California Museum’s free day had a huge turn out. The free day kicked off at 10:30am and wrapped up around 3:00pm.  The main lobby of the museum was flooded with parents and children. Just through a pair of huge wooden double doors on the main floor was the “Health Happens Here” exhibit installed by the California Endowment. 

Upon entering the exhibit, one is quickly greeted by an informative screen that could estimate your average lifespan based on your zip code.

“I guess I never thought about the area you live in playing a factor in how long you live,” says Kate Lee, a mother of three who attended the free museum day. Just behind the interactive wall was another activity.

This activity focused on school lunches, and was set up in a game format with the objective being to customize your lunch tray with a combination of fruits, protein, dairy, grains and vegetables without exceeding your calorie limit based on your gender and age.

“The interactive lunch tray activity really hit home for me because healthy eating is something I have been strongly advocating to my children,” says Timothy Mercado, a father of two children.

Another game based activity was “Heads Up” with the objective to grab as many Healthy Options such as, a bag of vegetables, running and graduating, all while watching out for and avoiding unhealthy options like soda, chemical pollution, and weapons, which would subtract from your score. For more information about this exhibit or “Health Happens Here” check the links bellow.

The exhibit

“Health Happens Here”