Foothill students fill out paperwork at the school’s last blood drive. Photo by Robert Entwistle.

For many, it takes some courage to donate blood. However, blood donations are some of the most important kinds of donations that you can ever make, and this alone is inspirational for those wanting to help out, including teens. The organization BloodSource has been making great strives in getting youth in Sacramento to do their part. The organization will be hosting a blood drive on Tuesday, December 14th at Foothill High School. Anyone over the age of sixteen can participate with parent permission.

“I for one think it’s amazing that so many people participate, and the fact that it is at the school during school hours makes the whole thing way more convenient,” says Taylor Marshall, a junior at Foothill High School who is hoping to donate blood for the second time this December. It is interesting that over a hundred of Foothill’s students donate every time BloodSource does a drive. The negative generalizations that people make about teenagers being selfish or only caring about themselves are definitely untrue in this case. Whoever it was who inspired the organization to go to high schools in the area to get donations had a brilliant idea.

All that the students have to do is sign up for an appointment and turn in a permission form. They will be issued a pass and be allowed to go to the gym to fill out paper work, get their blood checked via a finger prick, and get the whole process started. Afterwards, they will be able to enjoy some refreshments and relax for about fifteen minutes before being sent back to class. In the process they learn from trained nurses that just a little bit of time and a pint of blood can do so much. A light pinch on the arm is only a small obstacle when you think about how important your donation is to someone in need. Once you donate, you’ll definitely feel good for doing your part.

For more information on donations and the organization BloodSource, you can visit here.