By Cindy Huang

Have those of you still in high school noticed that school lunches are always the same thing and there are not a lot of options to pick from? At my school there isn’t a lot of varieties and it’s always the same choices to pick from. For instance there is always pizza, salad, hamburgers, and nachos.

“They are horrible and the only good thing is the sandwiches which always runs out ” says Dede McCall, a Sacramento High School student.

There is not much to pick from and the rules in our school don’t allow us to bring our own lunches because it can cause sickness to those who share foods with others. This is not fair to those students who don’t like the school’s choices and would rather choose to bring their own food to eat at school.

There have also been cases of students getting sick from the food served at the cafeteria. This is part of why many students would rather bring their own food from home. Students on our campus have stepped in to try to make a difference. The school started an after school program on Wednesdays for students to come out and help take care of the school garden. It was created so that students at the school could eat fruits and vegetables grown their own on-site garden.

Last year we had “Meatless Monday’s”, where the cafeteria served lunches such as vegetarian pizzas and salads in order to bring healthier choices to the school.

With the support of faculty and the students, we can make a big change towards variety or different dishes to create more interest in students to eat school served lunches. I hope schools and faculty members can become more aware of the opinions their students have in the school and try to push for healthier and better lunches that are served.