Many teen moms have to be more than the ordinary person, and far from than the average mom.

Zuleima Munoz, a Hiram Johnson High School student, is a single teen mom and an example of an extraordinary one. Munoz gave birth to her child during her sophomore year. Munoz is a teen mom, but still a student striving for success for her son and future.

In order to be successful, Munoz must do more than the average student. The average high school student has six classes, each class requires another one hour of study. High school students must set aside more than half of his or her day for school. Being a mother, Munoz has to watch her son for long hours before she can even touch her homework.

“I can’t leave my son alone. I am responsible for the well being of my son especially at this critical age, as he is baby,” says Munoz. ” The only time I get to do homework is when my son is asleep, which is never. I often have to stay up to two or three in the morning, as my parents and siblings are not home to watch my son. I have to wait till nine or ten to even get started on my homework and have my time. The classes I take are also very challenging, which leads me to stay up late studying for tests and quizzes.”

These mothers are far more than an average teen. Becoming a mom is a challenging task, as most moms will say. The responsibilities that mothers are accountable for is a heavy load. A single teen mother who wants to be a successful student must work even harder. Teen mothers must acquire the maturity levels and discipline that is needed from their children. These teen moms simply cannot do what they used to do if they want a brighter future for themselves and their babies.

“A lot changed, my responsibilities became more and priorities changed,” says Munoz. “Before, I was an athlete, a scholar, and a friend to many. However, after being pregnant came my baby weight that changed my physique, my shape. School became harder as I had to watch over my son constantly, and some friends left as I didn’t have time for them.”

Education is a building block for success, and for many teen moms who are willing to apply themselves, it is possible to achieve great things even with a child of their own.