Hannah Aboushi
City Hall Intern, Age 20

In 2011, I participated in the Summer at City Hall program in Sacramento. Thirty-two students out of hundreds who applied were chosen for the program. There were many students from different high schools around the city.

Hannah Abboushi, during the Veteran’s day parade

I learned so much from our mentor, Mr. Fox, a teacher from American Legion High School.  He taught us many things like the 3 F’; “Find, Fix, and Forget.” For example, if there is a problem, we find a way to fix it and at the end of the day it’s forgotten. We also learned to  “H-B-O and H-S-O” meaning “help a brother out” and “help a sister out” We went on many tours and learned a lot about Midtown Sacramento, Loaves and Fishes, Crocker Art Museum, and Sacramento Tree Foundation and many other places.

We all got the opportunity to intern somewhere we were most  interested in. We had lots of options to choose from. The one I chose was not available so I got to intern at the Sacramento Department of Utilities. I learned about the Solid Waste System and many other interesting things about the department.

After the program ended I was given the opportunity to stay and be an intern at City Hall, under the Director of Neighborhood Services, Vincine Jones. I’ve learned so much there and she has taught me a lot. I’ve had the opportunity to work with District Two Council Member Sandy Sheedy and networked with plenty of people for many more gateways to future jobs.

I loved the people I worked with and my summer was the best. I would like to thank everybody who gave me the opportunity. I really appreciated it.