It’s the time of the year again when canned food drives get into high gear. Recently, The Conscious of Self and the Love Renaissance Project took a different approach to giving back by holding a canned food drive concert. Conscious of Self  is a campus organization at Sacramento State University that promotes student advocacy on campus. The Love Renaissance Project is a collective of local artists, photographers,musicians, writers, and entertainers. All of the performers were local, many of them are students at Sacramento State and part of one of the two organizations.
“I chose to perform at this event because it was for a good cause.” says Steffen Hudson, a performer who goes by the stage name Edi Futur.

Steffen Hudson, Sacramento City College student, rapper

The event started off rocky, with many technical setbacks. That didn’t stop people from coming. Some arrived with backpacks full of cans, others only had one or two. Those who didn’t have any cans donated money so that cans could be purchased for them. It was a small and intimate performance with about fifty people in attendance.

Each performer improvised and performed a cappella. They converted their songs into spoken word pieces and even made beats by beating on the table. “We got up there and walked around that room, passing the spoken word around through all of us, it was pure energy. said Nate Tate, a performer who goes by the stage name Young Natho. “We didn’t have music to back us up. We made music. We beat on the stage, the walls, a table. We were music.”

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t about the music. It was for a larger purpose. Giving back was the goal.” said Jamie Garcia, an audience member and a Sacramento State student.

In total, 400 cans were collected and delivered to Loaves and Fishes the following Tuesday afternoon. There were no specific goals of how many cans event organizers wanted to collect but they were satisfied with the number collected.  They are even hoping to put on another benefit concert in April with a larger turnout and more cans.