The turkeys served at St. John’s were deep-fried to make the process quicker.

Many local organizations are truly getting into the spirit of the season this Thanksgiving. Wednesday November 21st marked the annual Day-Before-Thanksgiving meal for St. John’s Lutheran Church located at 1701 L Street in Downtown Sacramento. The Church served many of Sacramento’s homeless a full Thanksgiving meal.

Volunteers for the event started coming in around 8 o’clock Wednesday morning and stayed late into the afternoon to help out. The day started with preparation, with groups of people working on anything from wrapping silverware, to mashing potatoes, to deep-frying turkeys. Others still decorated, while some handed out fliers to make the event well known. Volunteers would talk to the day’s lead coordinator, Linda Faux, and were told where another hand would help the most. Some volunteers even went the extra mile and stayed afterwards to help clean up. I myself kept busy cutting bread, seasoning and cooking green beans, and carving turkeys.

Around noon, the serving rush began. After a short speech, people were assigned to stations. Servers would come by to fill plates with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, bread, and get the meals topped off with gravy. And that’s not even counting the pie for dessert! All guests certainly received good portions and a variety of good food fit for the holiday.

“We end up with twenty-five turkeys or more,” says Justin Chambers, a beloved member of the church who was hard at work at his station dishing out gravy. “One of the most amazing things about this whole thing is the fact that nearly all the food we get is donated.”

Among the donations were huge cans of green beans, several sacks and boxes of potatoes, dozens of pies, and huge bags of bread, most of which were used up by the end of the day. And what better place for all that food to have gone than to those who don’t have a chance to make their own Thanksgiving dinner? The food definitely went to a good place, and was appreciated by many.

If you’d like to learn more about St. John’s Lutheran Church, you can go here, or call (916)444-0874.