Picture this; students walking home from school, or elderly residents of the Tallac Village Neighborhood walking home from their local supermarket. Now let’s add a twist; imagine the time is 6:30 when students will get done with conditioning at their school and the elderly will be done with their shopping. The sun will already be down and there will no daylight. The students and local residents will have to walk among these streets in darkness.

62nd street at 6:00 pm

Among West Campus High School, Hiram Johnson High School, and Tallac Village’s supermarket, there is a lack of street lights. After the sun goes down, the streets are pitch black and dangerous for students and the local residents walking home, especially if cars are speeding.

I walked around these streets to find several people who use them and ask for their opinions.

“I feel unsafe especially when I see the violence that occurs in the light, but can you imagine what can happen at night?” said Johnson student Philip Moore. “I am an athlete for my school and wrestling practice won’t be over until late. The streets I walk have barely any street light which sucks. I don’t like walking in these streets at night, but I have to since I can’t afford any other means of transportation. I want to see a change in these streets.”

“I want more lights in my street, please.” demands Moore.

“I think there should be more street lights,” says local resident Avenia Rivers. “The street I live on, 62nd street, has only one street light. I usually walk to Bel Air since I don’t have my license, nor do I prefer to drive. I am elderly after all. Halloween for my block can be pretty bland.

Bystanders that I surveyed agreed that more street lights would make them all feel safer in their neighborhood at night.