The California Museum is home to the many contents of the State of California’s Archives. Through partnerships with private non-profits, the State of California opened the California Museum back in June of 1998. The Museum has continued partnering with more organizations throughout the years to further expand itself.

Since 2003, the museum has collaborated with California’s former First Lady, Maria Shriver and current First Lady, Anne Gust Brown. Staying true to its reputation, The California Museum has partnered with “Health Happens Here”, a 6-year initiative introduced by The California Endowment. Together, they hope to give the public a chance to explore health beyond exercise, diets and doctors.

The exhibit ties together the latest cutting-edge technology and interactive games to engage and educate all of its visitors. It also provides an multimedia adventure though a modern-day school cafeteria, along with encounters with school yard bullies to give participants an opportunity to physically steer their way through today’s urban environment while being confronted by positive and negative health choices. The exhibit is ongoing; however there will be free admission day on Tuesday, December 1st, during the museum’s regular hours from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

“The Health Happens Here exhibit is fun and interactive for all ages!” says Christine Tien from the California Endowment.  “The exhibit shows how health is about more than just going to your doctor’s office. Health really depends on where people live, go to school, work and play.”

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