Owl’s House (from Winnie the Pooh) doubles as a slide in Fairytale Town.

Those living in Sacramento with young children in their families may be familiar with Fairytale Town, a cheerful theme park on 3901 Land Park Drive across from the Sacramento Zoo. This year, on November 23rd, Humpty Dumpty and the other occupants of Fairytale Town will be doing a little something to give back to the community.

This holiday season, Fairytale town will be hosting a canned food drive. Families who bring in donations for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services’ Holiday Spirit of Giving Food Drive will have free admission to the park from 10 am to 4 pm on Friday the 23rd. The donations will be going to a wonderful cause.

This time of year can be tough on those who don’t have as much as others. So, with just a few cans, you can receive both the benefit of knowing you are helping someone in need, and a whole day for you and the youngest members of your family to enjoy. Plus, it’s never too early to illustrate to your children that the holiday season is a wonderful time to give back, with or without benefits for themselves. With over 20 different play areas and statues based on the most beloved nursery rhyme characters, you won’t be running out of things to do. The day will also include several arts and crafts activities available for everyone.

This Thanksgiving season, families in the Sacramento area have an opportunity to benefit the community, and give their little ones a fun-filled afternoon. I will be attending as well, and hope to be putting up a video about it soon.

To find out about other ways that you can help out the Sacramento Food Bank in the season of giving, you can visit www.sacramentofoodbank.org. For more information on the park itself, you can call (916)808-7462 or visit www.fairytaletown.org.