Recently, Hiram Johnson High School students arrived on campus to find that their school was vandalized. The walls of Johnson were left covered with tags of a local gang. Hiram Johnson is infamous for its on-campus violence, however students of Hiram Johnson know that their school is in fact great. The negative stories that are always shared with the public anger Hiram Johnson students as they feel their school is always misrepresented.

Hiram Johnson High School walls were covered with slurs and gang tags. As students arrived at school they saw several black spray-painted words on the gym wall and the child care buildings. I decided to ask students of Hiram Johnson about how the graffiti made them feel.

I asked a senior student, James Hoang, to tell me what he thought about the act of vandalism.

“It sucks, to find this in the morning”, said Hoang. “It hurts me deeply to find that this story might be released to the public and once again bringing bad reputation to my school. This school isn’t even all that bad, it’s great. The teachers here are great, the people are great, and the atmosphere is great. It just those bad groups of kids that make my school look bad!”

“It makes me mad that people are immature enough to do such a disrespectful crime against my school,” says Johnson senior Zuleima Munoz. “It is sad that my school is always considered “ghetto” when it’s not.”

I asked Munoz how she felt about all the negative stories about Johnson.

“It hurts me dearly that a group of students brought all of these negative reputations upon my school,” says Munoz. “My school shouldn’t be represented with all these bad stories. My school is great one”.

Stay tuned for the opinion of Johnson’s teachers in regards to this act of vandalism.