Do you currently need to transfer to a new high school or want to transfer to a school that is an alternative other than home school or public school? Are you a high school student who has a job and a regular school just doesn’t work with your schedule? Or are you behind on credits and want to try a different way to make them up? Well at SAVA, also known as the Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy, students have the opportunity to work out their schedules with their teachers and create options that are better for their education.

SAVA has a lot of locations in Sacramento, some going as far north as Del Paso Heights. They also have locations in Elk Grove and South Sacramento. They originally started off with just one charter site and eventually expanded. The George Sim Community Center is one of the newest sites.

“The reason why we chose the George Sim Community Center was because we wanted to form a partnership between the community and the George Sim Community Center wasn’t used much,” says Morri Elliott, principle of all four SAVA sites.  The population of students at the Sim Center went from forty to one hundred and seventy in just the last year.

At SAVA, students have a choice to either meet with a teacher once a week or work independently or to be in a program called “Advance Path”. “We want our students to have options,” says Cat Kaslan, vice principal at the Sim Center site.

With Advance Path, students can work independently at their own pace on a computer either in the morning or afternoon session. Each the session lasts three hours, and students are required to study in person for six hours per week.

SAVA students have a lot of options unlike some other schools. SAVA offers Career and Technical Education which gives students the a choice of taking classes like Auto Tech, Drivers Ed., Fire Tech, and Career Prep. They also offer a counseling program called Panacea.

“I am excited to be working with SAVA and look forward to working with these students,” says Ashley Davis, SAVA counselor. SAVA gives student’s a second chance to become successful and change their old ways and develop the skills they need to survive in the real world. For futher information please visit or call the number of the location you are looking for below.

Sacramento Campus
5330-5400 Power Inn Road
Suites A-E, Sacramento, CA
Elk Grove Campus
3141 Dwight Road
Suites 400, 200, Elk Grove, CA
AdvancePath Campus
3141 Dwight Road
Suite 100, Elk Grove, CA