Hiram Johnson High School seniors who attended the event from left to right: Melvin Cash, Anna Le, Nancy Villegas

The Hiram Johnson High School Halloween Extravaganza offered the surrounding community a safe haven. The Extravaganza was held on the day before Halloween, and gave local neighbors a place to have fun and all while being safe.  I attended the event at Hiram Johnson feeling at ease enjoying the games, food and scares they offered.

Hiram Johnson student and Student Body Director Laura McPhail told me that the Halloween event has been going on for five years. She should know; she’s been the helping out as Student Body Director for the past three years. McPhail was proud to share with me that the proceeds from the Extravaganza are donated to local charities.

So what is Hiram Johnson’s Halloween Extravaganza exactly? The Halloween Extravaganza has many games, an atmosphere that encourages participants to dress in costumes, and a well-known Haunted House.  I asked a returning attendee, “Why did you attend the event again?”  Hiram Johnson Senior Anna Le told me that, “I wanted to go the Haunted House”.

The Haunted House was a scary experience which made my heart beat faster. Walking through the Haunted House, there were ghouls, ghosts and monsters popping out, all while there was a throbbing light that made your vision blur.  While Le told me that the Haunted House was “awesome”, more effort was needed by organizers to prevent participants from cutting the line to enter. At one point, some of the attendees became upset after waiting 30 minutes while several rude students broke through the line to enter out of turn.

If you are looking for something safe and fun to do next year for Halloween, by sure to come Hiram Johnson High School at 6879 14th Avenue. The Halloween Extravaganza is an event you don’t want to miss out on. The event offers kids, teens and adults alike the chance to dress up and have fun.  So check it out!