Two very patriotic stilt-walkers march in the parade.

The City of Sacramento’s Neighborhood Service Division held their annual Veteran’s Day parade at ten o’clock sharp on November 11th in Downtown Sacramento. The cold, refreshing morning air and promise of an amazing display honoring the nation’s veterans drew a large crowd.

Some of the audience members included veterans themselves, standing proudly as they saluted the passing floats. A line of booths displayed information about all sorts of different organizations, such as SMUD, Sacramento 365, and the River City Blue Star Moms Association. Don’t let the ‘Moms’ in their title fool you; the River City Blue Star Moms Association welcomes brothers, sisters, uncles, you name it! Blue Star Moms accepts help from anyone wanting to make a beneficial difference by doing things such as helping with canned food drives and other projects. They are looking for people especially in the upcoming holiday months. “We even have connections with Girl Scouts in the Sacramento area,” stated one of the advocates for the Blue Star Moms Association.

Paratransit Inc. and the US Paralympic Military Program were also on hand, sharing their experiences and resources for soldiers wounded in battle. There’s even a hockey team in Sacramento specifically for soldiers who were severely wounded while on duty. It was breathtaking to see all of the astonishing ways that people in our very own community branch out and support those who have risked their lives for our country.

People of all ages marched through the streets, showing their love of patriotism through all sorts of displays such as floats like the ‘Sons of the American Revolution’, to banners held by Cub Scouts. Also included were old cars with candy-tossing passengers, winners of Sacramento’s pageants, advocates for peace, and several veterans and their families. I myself met many amazing people, ranging from a camera-loving Veteran of the Air Force, to a mother with a husband on active duty. Hopefully next year’s parade will draw in a crowd just as interesting and amazing as 2012’s.


If you’d like to learn more or help out with River City Blue Star Moms, you can visit  If you’d like to learn more about the US Paralympic Military Program, you can visit