“Lookin’ Good! Feelin’ Good!”

Access Sacramento has been given a facelift, a bath, and a new haircut! Our main office was recently completed and now our Production Office is re-opened and ready for your studio and equipment reservations. We received new carpet, new paint, and the city has installed ADA compliant desks. We are super excited and hope you’ll come down to check it all out. LiveWire was one of the first shows to utilize the TV Studio after it was being used for temporary storage for about 2 weeks. There’s still a desk or two in the the studio, but we were able to make some adjustments and had a wonderful set (The desks are free to whomever shows up to haul them away first). The image in this article is from LiveWire on November 7th. We did a live studio shoot and guests from  Sojourner Truth Multicultural Museum brought us a mini-gallery and we set it up in record time and went live without a hitch.

We hope you to see you soon!