The first group of volunteers.

On the weekend of October 27th, a group of young people met up in Sacramento.  This was no ordinary meet and greet, as they were there for a mission.  It was the start of the Election Poll Monitoring Project.  To simply put it, we were to go out and spread awareness in the Asian American community about their voter rights.  I was lucky enough to be a part of this project as well.  The organization that helped gather us together was Hmong Women Heritage Association.  They gave us all the training and tools we needed before heading out and carrying on the mission.

Our method of choice to inform voters of their rights was to go “door knocking”.  Our group targeted only the Hmong community as the whole group of volunteers were all Hmong.  This made it easier for us to translate to them their rights.  It’s sad to say that majority of the people who lived within the homes we knocked upon were very limited on their English and thus were not all aware of their rights.  After helping and explaining to them in detail what their rights are, they were all really thankful.  They talked about how they always wanted to be a part of the voting experience but couldn’t because of their limited English.  Most actually knew what they wanted to vote on but just didn’t know how to send it or where to drop it off.  This was the part where we came in, we informed them of how and where they can turn it in.

This was overall a really great experience for me as well as others who participated.  I encourage everyone to go out and get to know your community more through opportunities like this.  You are required to go through a training but it’s really no big deal. This link here will show you the schedule of the training days and the days we go out.  If you still have anymore questions, please feel free to call the nice people of Hmong Women Heritage Association. They’re always willing to help and here is a link to their website. Come out and represent!