By Branee Taylor

Luther Burbank Student

Age 16

Due to recent budget cuts, the custodial staff at Luther Burbank High School has been cut by more than half. Normally, our school would have eight janitors but this year there are only two; a day janitor and a night janitor. This causes bathrooms and classrooms to not be cleaned not as often as they need to be. Trash can are emptied but the same trash liners are kept in the same can for days. There is trash on campus and the bathrooms have soiled feminine products, toilet paper and paper towels everywhere.

dirty floor and corner in a classroom

“I think it’s a disgrace to our district to continue to cut funds from our schools that are necessary to succeed.  Says English teacher Nichole Scrivner. “I think that we expect our students to meet our expectations but we don’t have the facilities to do so.”

Scrivner also went on to describe some of the other disgusting details of how dirty the school is. “There are cockroaches and dust bunnies in the school cafeteria. There are dead and living bugs in the cafeteria.” As a Luther Burbank student, I feel that something must be done about this.

We cannot have schools that are dirty and have pests crawling around in areas where we are supposed to eat. This may present a health risk to students and staff and is just plain gross.  At this rate, the school may be looking worse by the end of the school year if nothing is done about this.

“I think it will go on all year until someone does something. It must come from the school, community and parents.” Says Scrivner went on to say.  I hope that we do something to stop this from continuing at Luther Burbank High School and prevent it from happening in other schools.