Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Baradat and I am a new Neighborhood News Correspondent for AccessLocal.tv. I am twenty years old and currently live in Sacramento while I attend Sacramento State University as a Communications major. Originally I am from Novato, California, a small city located about thirty miles north of San Francisco. Novato was the place I grew up in from a small girl all the way through high school and is still where my family lives today.

In my free time I enjoy taking part in a variety of different activities from soccer to reading or even going camping with my friends and family, but my favorite thing to do is riding horses. I have been riding since I was about two years old and it has been an interest that hasn’t faded over time. I received my first horse at the age of six and her name was Dazzle. Since then I have developed and grown into a very competitive rider on my current horse, Player. Together, Player and I have won numerous championships, belt buckles, trophies, cash prizes and titles all over Northern California.

As a Communications major I hope to one day make a career in either journalism or television industries, or perhaps even both, because it is something that has my full interest. Writing has always been a passion and strength of mine so I hope that one day that skill can be put to good use. I would love to eventually become a sports broadcaster or a producer for a television show or news program.

Over the past several years I have been very involved in my community. I enjoy helping others or volunteering for programs. This new job opportunity will now allow me to share these great experiences, and also give me the ability to spread the word to the residents of Sacramento about how they can be apart of this great community as well!

I am very excited about my new position and looking forward to writing for AccessLocal.tv. As a new resident of Sacramento, I think this experience will greatly expand my knowledge and experiences of the big city while learning and writing about the aspects that make up Sacramento.