By Taylor Marshall

Foothill High Student, age 16

October 12, 2012 was the night that many martial artists in Sacramento experienced something great. Kyoshi Dave Kovar took his 8th degree black belt test at the Waldorf School in Fair Oaks, an event which lasted two hours on a cold Wednesday night.

Mr. Kovar is the founder of Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts, which was founded back in 1978. Mr. Kovar is the son of World War II veteran and prisoner of war survivor, Len Kovar. Mr. Kovar is said to know ten or more different styles of Martial Arts, and he performed all of them with excellence at his test. Everyone attending was wowed.

A group of black belts practice their skills.

There are a total of ten degrees or levels to master when learning to be a Black Belt in martial arts. Gaining his 8th degree took Mr. Kovar eight years of persistent and hard training. It’s said that he had practiced up to five hours a day, every day. The academy’s founder had many of the lower Black Belts and instructors participate in his demonstrations, which not only assisted Mr. Kovar in becoming better, but provided knowledge and inspiration to the students as well.

“I had been a part of the show, and the purpose was to show development,” Mr. Tim Leard, and instructor at Kovar’s Satori Academy in Carmichael. “He is a great example of what can be achieved through determination, patience and hard work,”.

Mr. Kovar achieved his goal, passing his test. His 8th degree black belt was awarded by Master Fred Degerberg and Master Nishiuchi. Not only did Mr. Kovar do this for himself, but for martial artists of all ages. He is a prime example which proves that you can achieve anything if you really try.