Hello AccessLocal.Tv reader, my name is Adrian Chao. I am a senior at Hiram Johnson High School, and a new AccessLocal.Tv Neighborhood News Correspondent. I am proud to say I was born right here in Sacramento, California. I feel privileged to be working for AccessLocal.Tv, and from here allow me to share some information about me to you.

I am an ambitious youth, set apart from my fellow peers. I have set myself to be a of a higher stature in my community. I had obtained various leaderships roles throughout my community. My companions at school recognize me as a leader after I became a student coordinator of Hiram Johnson’s Medical Path and the president of various clubs. Right now, I am working with Pesticide Watch to coordinate a community garden for my senior project.

For my future education endeavors, I hope to obtain an education all the way to a Ph. D. I someday hope to become a general surgeon. I have a passion for helping people, and I consider myself a man of compassion.

My hobbies include playing volleyball, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. I was on my school’s volleyball team both my freshman and sophomore years. There is just something about volleyball that I really like; from getting down the perfect technique for a spike to the teamwork needed to play. I am a pianist and I soon hope to become proficient enough to play for charity. But most of all, I just enjoy the fellowship of my family, my friends, and meeting new people. It is always a pleasure for me to meet a new person, and to hear their stories.

I decided to apply for this position here at AccessLocal.Tv on the basis of spreading positive, uplifting, and untold stories. I also applied because believe I of my networking skills and my communication skills will make me a good Neighborhood News Correspondent. I believe this opportunity to write about stories in my community will help me in the near future for my next job and future projects. I want be the one to tell the untold tales that I see in my neighborhood and deserve to be shared.

Stay tuned for my next article!