Hi AccessLocal.tv readers! I’m Mikayla Franklin, a junior at Foothill High school and new AccessLocal.tv Neighborhood News Correspondent. I was born in a small town called Henderson in Eastern Texas. I moved to California when I was 10-years-old and have since learned a lot about stereotypes and that it’s best to ignore them until you get to know a person or place for yourself. I believe it’s unfair to judge anyone until you know their whole story. I have met many people from many different places, and it’s always interesting to see and learn about someone new.

Trying out a traditional bow for the first time with Extreme Adrenaline at Discovery Park.

With the help of friends and my high school advisors, I have taken on many media-related jobs around campus. I have helped with the creation of the yearbook, our school newspaper, and have participated in various filming for our school’s video crew. I have always loved writing and hope to keep doing journalism, both now and in the future. I hope to be a person who gets to make a living doing something that they’re passionate about.

Along with writing, I love movies, music, traveling, and basically anything that involves getting out and trying new things. In my opinion, scary movies are the most fun, since they really get my adrenaline running! I listen to all kinds of different artists, both new and old. My music collection includes everything from The Beatles to Falling in Reverse. I hope to someday visit every state in the U.S., and hopefully several different countries throughout the world as well. What better way is there to learn about different kinds of people? I’m also a part of the all-girl youth group Extreme Adrenaline. In our travels we do everything from visiting haunted houses to zip-lining. It’s always exciting to find out what we’re doing next!

One of the many things I hope to improve on through this program is my shyness. I know from experience that in order to get the facts you need to be able to go out and talk to people without hesitation, which can be difficult for me. Being an AccessLocal.tv Neighborhood News Correspondent, I know I can’t afford not to be outgoing, and I’m not going to let my shyness keep me from getting the facts!

I love to stay busy, and being a member of this team is something I know will keep me on my toes! I feel like I finally have the opportunity that I have been hoping to gain. Thanks for reading and learning a little bit about me, hope to update even more soon!