Brianna Taylor, Age 20.

I am Brianna Taylor. I am 20 years old and a new Neighborhood News Correspondent for I am an alumnus of John F. Kennedy High School and before that Rosa Parks Middle School, formerly known as Charles M. Goethe Middle School. I have lived in the Meadowview area of South Sacramento since I moved to this city in 2001 with my family. I went on to attend Texas Southern University in Houston, but due to financial issues, I have returned home for a while.

I have always loved to write, whether it was short stories, articles, poems, journal logs, and even essays since I was very young.  Writing is not my only hobby though. I also like to listen to music and my favorite genres are hip hop, R&B, rap, and pop. I like to sing as well, although the closest I’ve come to performing is singing into my showerhead or hairbrush in the mirror.

I like to get out and do things, whether it’s alone or with other people. I enjoy riding my bike, going to the park, and going to the movies. I love technology. I like seeing new gadgets and playing with them and learning how they work. I always want to see the latest phone, computer, tablet, iPod, or TV to see how they work and how efficient they are.

I also like to volunteer in my spare time. I have done a lot of volunteer work at school, church, and a few local non-profits such as Sacramento ACT, Breakthrough Sacramento, and the Relationship Skills Center. I like to help people in any way that I can and in ways that will also benefit the various communities of this city.

I was really excited when I first heard about this job. Like I said, I like to write. Before I left school, I had recently changed my major to communications, with focus on journalism or radio and television. My friends even said this job would be perfect for me when I told them about it. I was very excited that I would finally be able to share what goes on in this city from my perspective, as a young person. All of the television news anchors and newspaper journalists are older and have a different viewpoint of things. I want to see more of a variety of news stories and I believe we as Neighborhood News Correspondents can provide that very missing perspective.

I am very excited and I can’t wait to start writing about things going on in Sacramento!