“New Year’s Resolution 2012”

The New Year is just over 2 months away. Have you kept your resolution? I have been keeping mine for the year so far and it is the first time I have been able to say that. Generally, the year starts out promising for most, but keeping of resolutions tend to fizzle out. The effort, care, and time put in to make sure one doesn’t forget what they promised to themselves is difficult. Life gets in the way. I wanted to keep my promises to improve me.

I ended the last year by opening myself to the universe and to new experiences for the coming year “Let me see what the world around me has to offer”

In order to achieve my goal I chose something that I felt I could easily accomplish while still enhancing my life goals. Over the last few years I looked at what needed to change in my life and overall it is my health and general happiness. While I am not rich, I had to figure out ways to get what I want without spending much and trying to find ways to do things for free or very cheap. I also needed to make sure that what I chose also was a benefit to my overall health.

I chose to have one resolution that combined all of the elements I needed.

Here is my resolution for 2012:

I will do something new or go someplace I have never been before that will satisfy my curiosity to explore and discover and also improve my health and mental well being at the same time.

Here are my adventures so far:

January: My first endeavor of the year was hike up Mt. Tamalpais with a friend. She was a regular Mt. Tam hiker, but this was my first time up that particular mountain. It was really invigorating and rewarding to reach the top. We stopped for a break at the outdoor amphitheater before heading back down the hill. It was only one of a few rare, crisp, but warm days in January.

February: One of my old neighbors is a volunteer at the Effie Yeaw Center.  I had never been there until now. I took a lovely morning hike with my friend after having some morning coffee. We skipped rocks, explored the museum, and found the skull of what appeared to be a deer near the river-bed. We left it there, of course.

March: I took a walk through mid-town and instead of following my normal route I made my boyfriend walk with me to the Indian Museum at Sutter’s Fort. It was open that day and they both were giving free tours. It was a nice learning experience and it was a beautiful day, too!

April: A couple of my girlfriends got together and we visited Fort Bragg. I spent a lovely two days wandering the beaches and exploring the hillside trails. We visited a local museum and toured the town. I also had a chance to conduct a little mini aqua-aerobics class in the hotel pool. It was pretty amazing to enjoy a peaceful meditation Oceanside and on top of all that, a pelican swooped right in front of us. This was the most expensive of my all my experiences so far, but it was definitely worth it.

May: There are so many beautiful birds in our area. I decided to visit the bird and animal sanctuary in the Elk Grove area. I walked the Blue Heron trails at Stone Lakes NWR. I walked a few laps on the trail and Halfway through I turned around and walked the opposite direction just to make sure I got a new perspective.

June:  My good friends and I belong to the same gym and they taught me how to play squash. Speaking of squash; I also spent some time tending to my first vegetable container garden. So far I have been able to grow 5 new potatoes and some basil. I had a fight with some aphids and my tomatoes are just now recovering. My plan is to be able to grow my own spaghetti sauce in the yard.

July: Rode my bike to see The Rocky Horror Picture show. Although, I have done both of these things separately, I have never taken a ride to see this film in an outdoor public setting. It is also where I discovered the way to do my next adventure.

August: Finally got to go swimming in the Sacramento River! It was very ‘cool’ in both senses of the word.

September:  I ran, well, “wogged” my first 5k for Rebuild McKinley Park. I was also very happy to find an old friend with his family taking part in the event. It was a fun experience and knowing that my friend’s little girl will have newly restored playground to romp around in made it even better.

October:  I visited a local Pumpkin Patch that included a Hay Ride and my first Corn Maze. My boyfriend and I felt a little silly after walking around the maze for a while and exiting back through the entrance.

November & December: Surprise me!

This experience has also inspired me to try other new things outside of once a month including walking- photography outings, local historic tours, kayaking, and even reading part of Homer’s The Odyssey in front of a group of people at Fairytale Towne, camping without a large group of people, and performing 2 wedding ceremonies for two good friends.  It has me inspired to do even more in the coming year and I hope you get some ideas, too.

I would like to know if you have kept your New Year’s Resolution for 2012 and if so, how has it been?

Let’s share and inspire more active and educational adventures!

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