“October Arts”

LiveWire is happy to welcome guests from “Artober”, “A Year of Magical Thinking”, and “The Atomic Angels with California State Historic Parks”.

  Guests from “Artober” will be on on the show to share the wonderful and artful events we have here in Sacramento. “Artober” takes place all throughout October which is the national Arts & Humanities Month. Local events include The Midtown Arts Festival, Uncork for the Arts, PBS presents “Thomas Dolby”, and Three Stages “Imperial Silence: Una Opera Muerto”, plus much more. “Artober” is a collaboration of SMAC, Sacramento365, The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, and For Arts Sake. Tune in to LiveWire to find out more. 

For more details about “Artober” log on to www.ArtoberSac.com.


One way to celebrate this month of Art is to attend a local play. “A Year of Magical Thinking” with Janis Stevens is a play written by Joan Didion. It is a record of her life over a year following the death of her husband. The play won the National Book Award for Non-Fiction and is considered a great work in ‘mourning literature’. The play opens in late October at California Stage at the R25 Complex.

  Information about “A Year of Magical Thinking” can be found at www.CalStage.org.







We’ll also get a visit from The Atomic Angels. This group of lovely ladies donates their time and efforts toward supporting our local treasures. This month they will be accompanied by a guest from the Governor’s Mansion,  a State Historic Park, which is doing a Halloween  fundraiser Hosted by the Angels. One Section of the mansion is geared toward the younger crowd with spooky haunted house decor and it is called “The Mansion After Dark”. There is also a section of the mansion for a kids a little older who can handle a bit more of a scare. It’s called “Dr. Arronax’s Mansion Mania”. The haunted action takes place from 6-9pm on October 26th and 27th. Get a scare and do something good at the same time. 

To find out more about how you can support your local California State Historic Park and get details about the fun Hauntings at several parks in the Sacramento area log on to www.Parks.Ca.gov.

To become friends of the Atomic Angels or to see if they can help your cause you can find them at www.facebook.com/TheAtomicAngels.



Tune in to LiveWire on Wednesday, October 17th at 5pm on Access Sacramento channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento.org and click ‘watch 17’.