By Catherine Chenault

Why does hair mean so much to girls? Or even women in general? If you were to ask me that question today, I would say that I don’t know. But if you had asked me a year ago the answer would have been different. I would have told you that your hair can make or break you, if your hair looked good then so did you.

A year ago I put so much time into maintaining my hair, and not to mention all the money I spent on it. But I now realize that the only reason I cared so much about my hair is because I wanted to fit in and follow trends, a problem I think many young girls have. At my high school I always see girls in the bathroom their flat irons and curling wands plugged in doing their hair. In class they even comb their hair every ten minutes, which annoys most teachers. I think to myself that they cannot possibly be learning anything if their attention is stuck on their hair. But in truth I can’t look down on them because just a year ago it was me in their places.

I just hope one day that they realize, just like I did, how little hair really matters. My realization came with a drastic haircut, due to the fact that my hair was so damaged. I embraced the look even though it scared me. It taught me to care less about what others had to say or what the might think about me, and more about what I thought about myself. I didn’t want to fit in anymore I wanted to stand out. The experience even gave me a confidence boost, my self-esteem was shooting through the roof. While I don’t think you shouldn’t take care of your hair it shouldn’t be you main focus.

Now when I look back on whom I was a year ago I can’t think of a good reason as to why I was so obsessed with my hair. I no longer think that hair can make or break you. I believe that who you are, the things you do and the impressions you leave say way more about you character then your hair ever could.