By Elissa Aguilar

At Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School this past year, 71 percent of all seniors went to college. This is the second highest rate in the Sacramento School District. Enrolling in college also becomes a lot easier since most high schools only offer a diploma, but Health Professions High School offers a “Diploma of Excellence”. The difference between the two is that a diploma of excellence requires more science,math, and one hundred community hours, at least half of which must be relating to the medical field! Job shadows in occupation that are considered are available with doctors from U.C Davis, Kiaser Permanente and many others, as well as internships. As a ninth grader, I am required to take ninth grade medical science taught by Ms. Jennifer Clemens. The difference between medical science and regular science is that medical science focus’s more on the human body anatomy, physiology, health careers, medical terminology, public health, and medical insurance.

Regardless of the current budget cuts in the Sacramento School District, Health Professions High School is lucky to have teachers such as Jennifer Clemens who has a masters in biology as well as an education, and her bachelors in psychology. Speaking from experience as one of her students, she is a great representation on what to expect from this school and their teachers. Most students that have attended this school come back and visit, some even volunteer to be a mentor for some of the kids. Health Professions offer group activities such as bio medical debate , forensic medicine, and extemporaneous speaking; witch is often related to current health issues. Activities like this will look great on a college applications, it will give you personal knowledge and achievements.

After speaking with the principle and Ms. Clemens I realized that this school is still fairly new, yet they have achieved so much. Everyone at this school has inspired me and other students to take advantage of these opportunities. To be able to go to school and be taught by actual profession doctors is amazing. They tell us great information that will be useful for college and out careers. Health Professions High School demonstrates respect, responsibility, and motivation for there students. You can find out more information on Health Professions High School at