By Ojau Adhikari

What is Nepal? This is a question that would completely dumbfound many; many who have never even heard of the name; much less know what it is. By way of answer, Nepal is an undersized country nestled in the grove of the intimidating countries of China and India that I had the gratification of visiting this summer.

The three weeks I spent there flew by swiftly and I barely had time to say my hellos before I once again had to voice my good byes to family member and strangers alike.  In the short time there, I tasted the delicious food of the numerous street vendors, visited astounding temples and even rode an elephant.

The serene beauty of the country was truly amazing, with mountains bordering its lands, creating a sense of peace and protection.  This perception was only a mirage, hiding the political faction between the various political parties in Nepal. These factions sparked riots in the middle of the streets and led to strikes that would completely shut down Nepal for days on end.  They not only closed down offices and businesses, but also schools and colleges.  And just who was leading these strikes? Students. Students ranging from high school to college that would exchange their pencils for flags, students who marched to strike rather than march to school, forgoing it to fight for a better, more peaceful Nepal.

They marched to oppose the injustices being dealt to them by the unstable government and the criminal neglect of their rights.  The sight of these students was truly astounding as I had never seen such a sacrifice made by so many people close to my age.  Their courage and bravery was unmatched by even the strongest military in the world. I have a lot to remember from Nepal, from the tasty momos to the beautiful scenery, but what I will always remember is the unfaltering faith and strength of the students who fight to better their world in the face of the utmost adversity.