By Kristy Tern

As a freshman in high school, I had many ambitions. This year, most of them included being able to do what I want. I thought of the changes and many things I would have to get accustomed to. What I didn’t elaborate on was the effects of actually being a part all the extracurricular activities.

In junior high and elementary school, I was unable to do many after school activities, so I was always set on trying new things and accomplishing whatever I could. In the beginning of the school year I had many extracurricular activities, such as different clubs and school events that took a large amount of my personal time.

Personal time that would’ve been spent helping my family or doing my homework. After a while all these after school clubs began to intertwine. Happening all at once. Being an indecisive student, I couldn’t decide which I would go to as I had made commitments to them all.

At this point I went to the one I thought was most important at the time. My extracurricular activities.  Although it was all temporary, it began to eat at my time and was beginning to affect my mood and grades. However, instead of disappointing those who expected great things from me, I began to work more efficiently.

I thought to myself “Why it was so difficult?” It was my anxious decisions that led me to my situation. As of now, I try to not to bite off more than I can chew, but that is not the only thing I have learned. I have also learned that juggling activities takes careful effort, planning and time.