When I first started at AccessLocal.tv I was very optimistic about being a Neighborhood News Correspondent. I felt it would finally give me a voice in what’s going on in my community. Things started off really well I knew what I wanted to write about, and what I wanted to say.

Being part of this program I got a chance to learn about many ethnicities such as the Chinese culture, and I was able to learn about how artists that are blocked from their creativity can participate in the 12 steps program to unblocking themselves from their creativity.

As the project progressed, I started learning more and more about the many resources offered in the South Sacramento area. Now that the project has came to an end, looking back the only thing I would change is my use of time. Although time is not a resource it is something that should be used wisely, and that is something I’ve learned from this project that will stick with me.

Looking back I also feel that my writing skills, grammar and vocabulary have matured. I am very thankful for getting this chance to be a part of a program like this. I am looking forward to see what kind of articles the future Neighborhood Correspondents will write about.