By Jamie Ramirez

Have you noticed a lot of teenagers and people now days with/getting tattoos? Little do they know in the future trying to get a job, is going be a lot harder. It’s hard for most people to get jobs if they have tattoos.Only because you have to look presentable and professional for the business .

The disadvantages of having tattoos as an adult is that everyone looks at you as if they’re is something wrong with you, when you are really just expressing yourself through your body. Tattoos are only good if they mean something and if they are in the right spot. You shouldnt get tattoos in noticeable places like your hands and neck.

Being underage with a tatoo is worse because everyone looks at you as if you were a rebel. And most places wont hire you especially if you are in a professional environment. If you get a tatoo just imagine how it will look when you are old and wrinkly? It wont be as cool as it was 80 years ago and also if you get at a young age you might grow out of it or even regret it.

Also most people who get tattoos out the shop could catch a disease from the needles not being cleaned properly or it might even just get infected. Be sure to remember that tattoos sometimes fade with the phase you were going through when you got that tatoo. Just think before you get a tatoo if it is worth it and if you want to die with that piece of art on you!