The summer is slowly coming to an end. It is time for the 2012 Neighborhood News Correspondents to put down their notebooks and pens and take off the press badge.  I know we will continue to strive for a better future and encourage others to express their voice. More importantly, we will take with us confidence and technological skills acquired over the course of the program. Between the perks of working with cool, high-tech equipment and scoring tickets to a Rivercats ball game or Sacramento’s Film and Music Festival, working for was always exciting.

I had the opportunity to work with some cool cats, meet some important people and learn more than I had ever known about Sacramento. I went to my first City Council meeting downtown, enjoyed a handful of local farmer’s markets and was given a VIP tour of Panama Pottery’s old factory. I had the opportunity to share my passion for yoga and my approach to smoothies. Oh, and did I mention all the cool stuff I learned while traveling Europe this summer. I wrote about the safe biking lanes and efficient shower system in Germany. It’s been such a great experience, to write about what interest me, learn and share! Its been real Sacramento, its fun… its been real fun!

This is MaryAlice Coelho, Neighborhood New Correspondent for…. signing off.