The Meadowview Family Resource Center is a great place for any age range; from toddlers to grade school students, teenagers and adults. The center is operated by the Sacramento Children’s Home collaborative and funded through First 5, which focuses mainly on improving the lives of children, parents and above all; the family.

MFRC offers many parenting workshops offered in English, Spanish, Russian and Hmong. The classes include Make Parenting a Pleasure, Teen Parenting Groups and the Nurturing Parenting Program. All workshops aim to make parenting easy and enjoyable for the parent and child. Many of the participants are new and young parents, but even parents with expecting their second and third children are anxious to join and learn things they’ve never known.

There are also weekly Parent Leadership meetings where parents come together and have group discussions on parenting. It’s a great opportunity for parents to share tips and ideas on handling their children.

The center understands that parenting is a hard thing to do, especially without a job. That is why they also offer a one-stop career center to aid the unemployed with workshops. Classes in making resumes and interviews.

Instead of always looking forward to workshops, you can be anticipated for quality family time, at the center! Play groups and movie nights or signing up for dance and self-defense classes. The center wants to remind everyone that it is not always strict learning and improvement, but having fun.

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