Kyle Hunt is jolly young man with a friendly smile and a warm heart. He is a valuable asset to Sacramento, as he often spends his time working with young athletes in the area. Hunt is often giving back to his community, from working with youth to volunteering with his local community.  He is one of Sacramento’s athletic All-stars from back in the day; rugby, football, and wrestling were just some of his strengths in school. With that said, Sacramento High School is lucky to have him as football coach.

Coach Hunt is part of an awesome program that helps mentor student-athletes. Ultimate Goals Sports provides a ‘one stop shop’ for student-athletes to prepare for college. Coaches and mentors work with kids on football techniques, and getting into college. The program focuses on preparing young athletes for the ACT and SAT by administering practice tests to see where improvement is needed. Why such a strong focus on college placement test for high school athletes? There are many talented players itching to be in the NFL, but they have to work harder than just playing on the field. Students need to not only pass high school courses, but they need to be encouraged to take AP (Advance Placement) courses, study for the ACT and SAT, and to apply to the right colleges.

Football athletes, and athletes in general, look for services such as this to improve technical skills while keeping academics a priority. Ultimate Goals Sports provides talent evaluations. So, although an athlete may not be ready for Division 1 football, they are definitely strong and talented to play for D-2 and D-3 colleges. And in order to play for D-2 and D-3 colleges, students must following through with the admissions process. It is critical for students to study diligently and understand what it is going to take to reach their fullest potential.

Coach Kyle Hunt is an essential asset to UGS because he is helping talented kids make their dreams come true. Training on the off-season and weigh lifting regularly is important for many sports, but Coach Hunt is also helping kids apply to college and scholarships. It is important for talented football players to be studious too, Hunt helps them get there. He is inspiring, funny and has tons of great stories to share about his athletic career.