It was a great summer working as a Neighborhood News Correspondent! This summer, I got to meet people I never thought I would meet, I also got to attend events that I had no idea existed in Sacramento. It has really been a great experience working for I learned a lot of cool new things such as how to edit videos, write better articles, and talk to people I don’t know. I never thought I would go up to a random stranger and ask them if i can interview them. I never thought people would be so interested and excited about getting their stories out there.

I always thought people in my community were mean and did not want to talk to anyone. But as soon as I asked them about something interesting going on they were excited to give their opinion. I had no idea about the great Oak Park Farmers Market that goes on every Saturday. If I didn’t work for, I probably wouldn’t have heard about it. I hope in all my videos and articles people will see that Oak Park isn’t such a bad community; Oak Park has a lot of history and heart. Also great people, the people in the Oak Park Neighborhood Association are great. They love Oak Park as much as I do, and I’m proud to say I have been to their meetings in Oak Park and more people in my community should know about those meetings.

It has been an amazing summer and I’ve learned so much about my community and the people in it. I will miss working for! Thank You everyone for this opportunity! I don’t know whats next after this but I will not forget everything I learned from this experience. This is Elizabeth Ramirez saying good bye, and good luck to the next correspondents!