Before I started working with kids I used to load trucks for FedEx. It was my first job and I thought it would never end, but I became irresponsible and was terminated. It was my first job so it sucked when I lost it, I thought my life was over. But then I found out about a program at La Familia Counseling Center. In that program I was able to help my other co-workers plan an after school program for that community. I never cared for kids to0 much; I always just thought they were just boring kids. But soon after the program started I got to see how fun it was to work with them.

I never knew how much they enjoy telling you about their day or just what their favorite color is. The kids I worked with were so creative and full of energy. This job was way better than loading trucks. It was fun and I enjoyed being there. After school was over the program ended and summer was beginning, I realized working with children is what I wanted to do for right now. Later, I got an interview with this place called Relationship Skill Center, and I got the job as a play care provider. It is a really fun job, we entertain the kids as well as teach them how to share and play together. Now I really enjoy working with kids. It’s a lot easier than loading trucks and it is fun!