On September 23rd, The Confucius Church of Sacramento and the Chinatown Culture Fair Committee presented the 2012 Chinatown Street Fair. In the 1960s, the Sacramento Redevelopment Agency began the establishment of a Chinatown Mall in the area where the Confucius Temple had just been built. The historic Chinatown is destined to be a vibrant link to Sacramento’s Downtown and The Rail yards.

It promises to be a prime location where families come to enjoy the arts, cultural and historical heritage of the Chinese-American community. The festival celebrates Chinese culture, arts, and heritage. Last year’s fair was supported by the City of Sacramento, Councilman Ray Tretheway, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, Sacramento Downtown Partnership, Russian-American Media, East Indian American radio and over 12 Chinese organizations in the Asian American community.

The festivities took place at the historic Chinatown Mall between 3rd and 5th Streets and I and J Streets. The theme of the culture fair was “Bridging the Past to the Future”. The Chinatown Culture Fair Committee is a volunteer-supported, civic group. All contributions and in-kind services are tax deductible and go entirely to support the Culture Fair and future Chinatown events. If you are interested in more information please check out the link bellow.