By Bianca Bewley

I am obsessed with my hair; I have a relationship with it as one would have with a person. In a way, my hair makes me who I am and in return I also make it what it is. I am very expressive through my hair. It makes me feel great when my hair looks good and I take care of it.

I often use mayonnaise, avocado, or leave-in conditioner treatment’s to restore my hair’s health and beauty. I don’t wash it daily in order for my hair to be replenished by its natural oils. I give to it physically almost as much as it gives to me emotionally. I’ve always had a strong tie to my hair. It makes me proud to have a color other people haven’t seen or a style that others can enjoy.

My hair is the main thing that reflects my personality or mood. When it is bright or done up, I am usually having a good day. When I dye it back to a single color or just don’t style it, I am most likely feeling down or a drastic event has probably occurred. Even though it seems I reap all of the benefits of this relationship, it is untrue. My hair in return, is admired by people. I am complemented on it regularly and I’m sure even hair follicles may feel good by this.

I’ve felt a sense of originality over the years due to my hair. Since middle school, I’ve been dyeing my hair. I have also had many different haircuts or styles ranging from short and choppy to long with layers. It gives me an outlet to express myself. I appreciate my hair terribly much for not falling out or burning to a crisp by now. It holds a special place in my heart and is very dear to me. I couldn’t possibly imagine going bald or being unable to dye it funky colors. I’d feel that I would lose my identity if this were to ever occur.

Not only do I express myself through my hair, but I also use it as a defense mechanism. I hide behind it or play with it when I’m nervous, or try different hair styles when I am bored. It is a very soothing and relaxing experience for me. I especially enjoy when others play with my hair. Dyeing my hair is also an exciting thing for me. I usually mix brands or colors to try new things and I can hardly wait for the end product. I’ve mixed pinks and purples, greens and blues, reds and blues, and everything in between. I have definitely had the rainbow in my hair at separate occasions.

The relationship between me and my hair is most definitely unconventional. It is, however, a give and take relationship. It allows me to use harmful products while still looking pretty and healthy. In return, I use plenty of products that help replenish my hair. I have to take special care of it, in order for it to stay vibrant. This is a small price to pay for how much my hair does for me. It may be an odd relationship, but it is a special one, none the less.