Summer is over and fall is about to begin, I think we all know what that means; FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS!

For a while when I was growing up, I hated football season. It was always another year of my guy cousin’s and dad staring into the television like they were at the game. They were always zoned out, or should I say zoned into the game. We females who didn’t watch the game did not exist, only when the next round of snacks come around of course. I would try to sit and watch the game but I couldn’t I had no idea what was going on, or why they were making such a big deal out of some guys running around and tackling each other over a tiny football. I was thinking to myself “What’s the point?” This was when I was like fourteen, and now that I’m twenty one, I kind of get it.

I started liking football more when I noticed we would only see certain family members come over that we don’t really get to see. As I got older I started to learn a little bit more about football and I understand what they are doing in the game. But what I like most is that it brings my family together. We can all have our differences, but every Sunday we come together make great food and cheer on our team.

Since I moved out of my parents house, I don’t get to see them or my siblings that often. But every Sunday I know they will be coming over to watch the game, and it’s even my turn now to  host the big games. It feels great to have my family come together every Sunday. It’s almost like we have something to look forward to every weekend. For the people who hate football nowadays, remember that it’s not just about a football game, its about family. Family coming together to just yell and cheer and eat and just be together. And I think that’s what makes football an amazing American sport!  GO NINERS!