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Critical to a successful democracy is an informed, educated, and active electorate. In the coming weeks leading up to the big day, November 6, Access Sacramento will present programs designed to educate and inform. Are you registered?
Here is a list of the events and forums we will present in partnership with local governments, colleges, and other media organizations. We will publish specific dates and times here as they become available. Remember – if you don’t VOTE, you can’t complain if your candidate or ballot choice loses. Make a difference -Register and VOTE!


Elk Grove Mayoral and School Board Forum Programming Schedule

Access Sacramento videotaped the entire September 17, 2012 Elk Grove Mayoral Debate in partnership with the Sacramento Bee, Elk Grove Patch, and the Elk Grove News….. here is the complete schedule for the replay of the program between now and the election.

This Hometown TV “Elk Grove Mayoral Debate”, featuring political candidates running for office in the Elk Grove community, has been scheduled as follows on Access Sacramento Channel 17 and streamed on www.AccessSacramento.org :

Sunday, September 30th @ 5:00pm

Monday, October 1st @ 9:00am (Internet Only)

Tuesday, October 2nd @ 1:00am

Saturday, October 6th @ 11:00pm

Sunday, October 7th @ 3:00pm

Monday, October 8th @ 7:00am

Sunday, October 14th @ 6:00pm

Monday, October 15th @ 10:00am (Internet Only)

Tuesday, October 16th @ 2:00am

Saturday, October 20th @ 6:00pm

Sunday, October 21st @ 10:00am

Monday, October 22nd @ 2:00am

Sunday, November 4th @ 10:00pm

Monday, November 5th @ 2:00pm (Internet Only)

Tuesday, November 6th @ 6:00am


Elk Grove Mayoral Candidate Lynn Wheat Records Campaign Statement


Lynn Wheat Sept 2012

All candidates are invited to schedule the Access Sacramento “Green Studio” and create short video statements to be seen on our channels and shared on-demand at various social media sites. Lynn Wheat did just that. For as little as $150, any candidate is welcome to look into the camera and make their “pitch”. Call (916) 456-8600 ext. 112 to make the arrangements.

Watch APAPA Challenge the Candidates

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2012 APAPA Voter’s Education & Candidates Forum will be videotaped on September 30 at the Sac State Student Union. Representing the local Asian and Pacific Island electorate, the event is always a great draw for local candidates and we expect this year’s programs to be representative of many local and State contests.


The California Initiatives Explained by CSUS Faculty and Political Experts

SacState - Kim Nalder_Sept2012
(Kim Nalder, Sac State)
Initiatives Demystified: A Non-Partisan Explainer” will be also be videotaped at California State University, Sacramento on October 17. The event is organized by Professor Kim Nalder and other government and media communications staff at the University. It will be a panel discussion designed to “unpack” the details of the 2012 California ballot measures and initiatives.