Jr. Rise is a program meant to help students adjust to the college lifestyle. It has counselors who advise and assist incoming freshmen so that they can succeed in higher education. Students learn good study habits and organizational skills and a establish a positive mindset that help them to be successful in school and in life. It was originated at Sacramento City College.

This after-school program is great for juniors, but you don’t have to be one to join. There are a few freshman who are in the program and they are ahead of the other freshman in credits. The students also get other benefits from Jr. Rise; the program provides academic support and fosters character development. Students are expected to complete as much of their homework during the period as they can so that they can get help on a particular subject. Their grades are monitored and the counselors talk to them when they earn poor grades.

Nhu Tran, the teacher on record for three years says “There is a college graduate who runs the class. I am there as a facilitator. The Jr. RISE mentor and I work closely on how best to help the students do well in school as well as to identify their strengths and weaknesses thereby fully understanding themselves.” Tran also stated  “As of this year, Johnson is the only school with this program at the high school level. I believe Burbank and Kennedy had one for awhile.”