The Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association has been coming out for the last two years and making sure their park remains a safe and good environment. Isaac Gonzalez, the coordinator of the event, says that “To see a community come out and help the park get clean is beautiful.” Madelyn Calstein, another member of TPNA, says that she was impressed with the amount of people who came out and all of their hard work. At the latest clean up day, fifty people came out to show their support .

They’re making sure the park is clean not only for beauty, but also because on September 23rd their will be a family friendly concert at the park. The band performing will be a cover band is called Cold Shot, and their will be a mix of 70s and 80s music. Everyone in the community is welcome to come.

A lot of people volunteer for fun, but most do it because it shows how connected the people are to the park. The people who come out all live in the neighborhood and are passionate about making their park a safe and healthy environment. The parks beauty is not only because of the beautiful trees or the green grass; its beautiful because the people who care come out and clean it.