On a family trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, we made a stop at the infamous San Jose Grand Century Mall, which is a Vietnamese mall. I fell asleep on the way there. When I awoke, I almost believed I was in Vietnam.

My first steps into the mall was extremely odd. Way different from an American one. The huge building was filled with aromas from the various Vietnamese restaurants. I wouldn’t hear English words for periods of time unless it was from the people I was with. The stores were stocked with various ethnic clothing, including dresses seen at Vietnamese weddings.

I had to order my all time favorite drink; the coconut snow. It is a fresh coconut slush with tapioca pearls. You must order one at a tapioca store one day!

The mall contained many jewelry stores, most offering gold chains with jade pendants. Their make-up stores were almost no different from what I was used to seeing, but their toy stores were packed with hilarious anime and cartoon toys. Lastly, Grand Century contained a dentists office and tax income strips for the many Vietnamese Americans with hardly any resources.

Leaving the mall, I saw the most shocking thing in the world; Jello cake! The Grand Century mall was a wild, exotic experience. It makes me wonder of the countless possibilities of ethnic malls out there.