Saturday September 15th was a cloudless summer morning in the Tahoe Park community. While part of the park was filled with a children’s soccer match, volunteers occupied the other half. These were not just any volunteers; they’re the residents of the Tahoe Park community. They were volunteers that donated their time, skills, energy, sweat, and services to do what their city lacks the financial means to.

I arrived to the park a quarter after ten. From the moment I parked my bike, I was hit with a gust of grassy and flowery smells with a haze of dust and pollen in the air; the recipe of yard work. With no hesitation, I was kindly greeted by one of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association board members. After we exchanged a few words, I did a quick scope of the area to see what was going on. I then made my way over to the sidewalk along side  61st street where I met a teacher at Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School who was raking up leaves along with the help of her two sons.

Next I saw a man with a leaf blower walking up and down clearing out the sidewalk gutters. It didn’t stop there; there was a family of 3 trimming bushes, a couple gathering up weeds and leaves and a man with a weed whacker. The icing on the cake was seeing the kids getting involved helping there parents clean up their community.

Lets just say there were a lot of good deeds done that day. As the clean up began to come to a close, the volunteers pilled up the supplies and awarded themselves with some rather well deserved healthy snacks. Then the raffle began and the children went crazy; there were all kinds of cool prizes. I must say the Tahoe Park community is one of the most prideful communities I’ve ever seen. For more information about The Tahoe Park clean up or if you would like to get involved please check the link bellow.